The $500 Fortune, Part 1

Here is a list of stocks.  For each stock, I have indicated what $500 invested in a given year would be worth today:


Apple: $500 invested in 1980 would be worth $216,289.21 today


Adobe: $500 invested in 1980 would be worth $436,719.38 today

adobe logo

Disney: $500 invested in 1962 would be worth $353,557.05 today


Celgene: $500 invested in 1995 would be worth $235,493.90 today


Monster Energy Drinks: $500 invested in 1995 would be worth $1,213,824 today


Green Mountain Coffee: $500 invested in 1995 would have been worth $236,334 at the time the company was taken private in 2016.  You would have received $236,334 back from that initial investment of $500.


Walmart: $500 invested in 1972 would be worth $1,135,937 today


Amazon: $500 invested in 1997 would be worth $416,238 today

amazon logo

Starbucks: $500 invested in 1992 would be worth $92,753 today

starbucks logo

Nike: $500 invested in 1980 would be worth $551,830 today


What is important to know here – and I talk about this in my e-book – is that PERFORMANCE and TIME are the two most important factors in these examples of growth – not the specific amount invested.  Let me give you an example:

In 1981, you could have invested $10,000 in IBM and had you held onto it, it would be worth $174,101 today.  Not bad, right?  HOWEVER………….

Had you invested only $500 in Home Depot that same year, it would be worth $4,470,385 today!!

In my next post, I will list some stocks that are poised to perform in a similar way over the next 20 years.  Stay tuned!!


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