It Feels Like 1995 All Over Again!

In 1995 – when the Internet was starting to enter the consciousness of most of America – who woulda thought??

Who woulda thought that we would go from dial-up services like AOL and Earthlink to broadband and fiber optic cables, dramatically increasing the speed and user experience for years to come?

I remember hearing plenty of people say that they would never use their credit or debit card to buy anything online.  Now these same people do at least 30% of their shopping online.  Who woulda thought?

How many people saw the Internet becoming the most transformative medium of their lifetime?  Not I.  I was asleep at the wheel, like most of us.  I watched, as a spectator, the two biggest trends in my lifetime – the introduction of personal computers and the emergence of the Internet – and I didn’t make a dime.

So, Janes and Joes – what’s the next big trend you should be looking for?  And how can you profit?

Keep your eye on a subsection of artificial intelligence (AI) called deep learning.

Bill Gates, the cofounder of Microsoft and a pretty good futurist, believes that AI will one day be the greatest technological advancement in human history.  Yes, human history.  That is an extremely bold prediction!  But given his track record for being able to see the future, I have to give it a great deal of credence.

So…what is deep learning?

Deep learning is when you program a computer to write code for itself based on mountains and mountains of information.  The more information the the computer has, the smarter it will become.

There are already many examples of AI in day-to-day life.  If you own a virtual home assistant like Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa, you are interacting with AI.  If you use the Roomba made by iRobot, you are experiencing AI.  Every time you go online and search for anything, and later start to see ads relating to what you’ve searched for, that is AI.

We are at the very early stages of this movement, and I believe it is going to be enormous!

The key to making the most money from a new trend is to get in on it early.  I think this is absolutely the perfect time to start investing in AI.  We probably have a two-year window before this technology explodes, so my advice is to start getting on board now!

Tomorrow, I will discuss three companies that will be major players in AI…so make sure to come back and read tomorrow’s post!

Until next time!


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