Stocks Don’t Discriminate!

Since I published THE STOCK MARKET IS FOR EVERYONE, I have heard from several people that they were curious about investing for a long time, but were discouraged from doing so – sometimes even by financial professionals!

Why?  In some cases, they were told that they did not have or make enough money.  Another common response was, “You don’t have enough knowledge of the market.”

So these eager prospective investors would remain curious, but on the sidelines because they didn’t know where to turn to get the information they needed.  They took people’s word that the stock market wasn’t for them.  All the while, their money was not growing.  How sad.

If the stock market is not for these individuals, then who is it for?  Is it for the receptionist earning $35,000 that invested in Abbott Labs, turning $200 into $7,000,000?  What about this story I heard?  A guy took every penny from his divorce in the mid-eighties, invested the entire amount into Apple, and became a multimillionaire?

Let me tell you something, my friend: the market does not discriminate.  It doesn’t care where your money comes from or the dollar amount you invest.  You can go from being rich to poor, or from very little to abundance.  The market doesn’t care.

That’s why I love it, and why you should too.  The market is one of the few things in life that doesn’t discriminate.

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