Did you get started yet?


So…we are approaching the halfway mark in 2018.

After a bumpy start to the year, stocks have recovered, and prices are near all-time highs.

My question to you is: have you gotten started?  Have you opened your first account and bought your first stock?

If you have…congratulations!

If you haven’t…what are you waiting for???

If you’re trying to time the market…well, that’s impossible.

If you feel money is the issue, find something you can cut back on.  Or figure out a way to earn more.  There is always a way.

You may be missing out on the greatest wealth-building opportunity of your lifetime if you don’t get into the stock market.

I have a friend that, two years ago, didn’t know a thing about stocks or investments. She grew up believing that investing was for other people, namely rich people. She was programmed to think investing was like going to Vegas.

It didn’t take long for me to convince her that nothing could be furthest from the truth!

I taught her the ABCs of investing, and now she’s a full-fledged investor.  She doesn’t earn a lot of money at all.  But she’s made the sacrifices she needed to make in order to start creating wealth.

I would very, very much welcome your comments on this post.  If you started investing in a similar way to the lady I described above, I’d love it if you shared your story here.  If you haven’t started, talk about what’s keeping you from doing so.  I would love to hear from readers and get a conversation going!

To your wealth…

*  The Stock Market is For Everyone, Eric Milton’s short guide to stock market investing for beginners, is available in e-book and paperback formats.  If you like what you see on this blog, we hope you’ll take a moment to purchase and read the book, let us know what you think via a blog comment or Amazon review, and share this information with others!  Thank you. *


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