Days Like Today Are When Your Money Is Made!

So the S&P 500 was down 1.37% today, and the Nasdaq was down 2.09%.

Not big on a percentage basis.  But if you own primarily tech stocks, like I do, you have experienced some pain the last few days.

My account is down 10%, and it doesn’t feel good.  Losing money never does.

However, this is part of investing.

It’s not a very fun part.  But it is a part, nonetheless.

Know this: down days are where you make your fortune.

How, you may ask?

Well, the answer is quite simple – but hard to master.

On days like today, the best move is to either add to your investments or simply do nothing and ride this downturn out.

That’s the secret.

So once again, the market is on sale… and you should be a buyer, if you have the cash. Otherwise, do nothing.

That’s how the real money is made!


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2 thoughts on “Days Like Today Are When Your Money Is Made!

  • Couldn’t agree more. One stock I’ve been involved with since 2014 took a big dip earlier in the year, so I picked up some shares. A few months later it was back to where it had been. I also did this with Kroger and Under Armour last year. The former took a dive in response to Amazon buying Whole Foods, which (IMO) didn’t change the price of apples and bananas, and the latter seems to take a dive every 5 years or so, per its historical chart.

    I do wish I’d have been able to buy into RiteAid this year. I saw it, but tied up my cash in another investment.

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