Why I’m Bullish on 3D Printing Stocks!

One of the hottest sectors in the market right now is 3D printing stocks.

On August 7, 3D Systems Corporation (NYSE: DDD) reported earnings that were much better than expected.  Since then, the entire sector has been on fire!

3D Systems is up 50% since August 7, to $20.37.  Stratasys (NASDAQ: SSYS) is up 29% to $24.52, and Protolabs (NYSE: PRLB) is up 12.5% to $140.65.

Now, it’s possible that any sector in the market, for a number of reasons, can go on a hot streak.  I believe, however, that 3D printing has a huge future in front of it.

If you recall (many people don’t), 3D printing was all the rage in 2012.  It was thought that every household would have a 3D printer; however, that never happened.  Instead, the 3D printing stocks crashed and burned, with 3D Systems and Stratasys losing 90% of their value.

Over the last three years, 3D printing stocks have moved sideways, and have been completely out of favor.

However…now may be the time to take a serious look at this group!

According to ARK Invest, the total 3D printing market is currently $6.5 billion, and could grow nearly tenfold by 2022, to $65 billion:


Check out this example of the amazing ways in which 3D printing is being implemented today.

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