Why I Own Invitae!

So today is September 2, and it’s time to feature another stock I own in my personal portfolio.

The company I own is called Invitae (NYSE: NVTA).

Who is Invitae?:

Invitae is a genetic information company that focuses on bringing comprehensive genetic information into mainstream medical practice to enhance the quality of health care. (Source: Invitae)

Why I own it:

I bought Invitae in 2016 because our health care system is moving in the direction of individualized medical treatment and disease prevention.

It is far less expensive to prevent illness than to than treat it.  Genomics will play a huge part in making successful disease prevention possible.

Invitae is striving for a future in which people will be able to have their genome sequenced as part of their routine physical.

Why is it important to have your genome sequenced?  Well, if we know as early as possible what diseases we are susceptible to based on our genetic makeup, we can try to live a life that may reduce our likelihood of developing these diseases later on in life.

Whether you know it or not, more and more people are having their genome sequenced – not to find out their ancestry, but to find out what diseases they have a predisposition to.  There are currently over 200 million Americans covered by their insurance plan to have their genome sequenced.

We are in the infancy stage of something that can be gigantic.

Where I think the company is going:

I have owned Invitae for close to two years, and it’s pretty much done nothing.  However, they reported earnings in mid-August, and growth was exceptional.

The company’s revenue grew by 160% from the previous year, and the company raised their guidance.  The stock price has almost doubled since that earnings report, going from $8 to $14.81.

The upside for this company is really unlimited.  The addressable market they are going after is in the trillions. I

I’m sure competition will be coming up as they are the top dog at the moment.

My current holding:

Symbol: NVTA

Position: 255 shares

Return: 118%

Value: $4526

To read more about Invitae, check out its website.

To learn how to get started in investing, check out my book, The Stock Market is For Everyone.

Until next time!



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