If You Like Trends, Read This!

One of my favorite activities is reading.

I pretty much like to read books on business-related topics or investing.  That may be boring for many of you, but that’s what I like to read!

I just finished reading a fascinating book called Microtrends Squared by Mark Penn.  It’s a follow-up to a book he wrote 10 years ago called Microtrends.

I am very interested in reading about new developing trends that are taking place in our nation and world.  As an investor, discovering emerging trends can be very profitable if you catch them at the right time and find companies to invest in.

The book is extremely informative and educational.  You need to be aware of what’s happening and how industries are changing!

Penn covers trends in six areas:

1. Love and Relationships

2. Health and Diet

3. Technology

4. Lifestyle

5. Politics

6. Work and Business

We are in the age of disruption.   This book captures mini-trends that are taking place right now that over time can become huge!

For example: in his last book, a decade ago, he identified the emergence of online marriages as a Microtrend.  In 2015 Match.com (NASDAQ: MTCH) went public at $15 a share.  Today, Match trades at $52 a share – up 3 times in value!  This is an example of a Microtrend that became a megatrend.

Microtrends Squared is a fun read.  I highly recommend it, and I hope you enjoy it!

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