The Wall Of Worry Will Continue To Climb!

“Wall of worry”?  What’s that?

A wall of worry is when the market advances exponentially over a period of time, defying so-called conventional wisdom.

The wall of worry has watched the Dow go from 22,000 to almost 27,000 over the past five years.

Today, we are still adding bricks to this wall in the form of a trade war with China, rising interest rates, higher wages, emerging market instability, and a bull market in its late innings.

So…what is an investor to do?

Here’s something very few people are talking about:

What if the bull market didn’t start until 2016?

What if we are, in fact, at the beginning stages of one of the greatest bull markets in history?

On the other hand, I have seen commentary from some of the best investors on the planet who believe the easy money has already been made.

They may be right.  But what if they’re wrong?

If they’re wrong, a lot of people are going to be caught off guard and scurry to get back into stocks, pushing the market much higher.   In that case, we could see the Dow triple over the next five to ten years.

If they are right, it makes no difference to me.  Because I’m invested for the long haul.  And so should you be.

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