The Only Term That Matters Is The Long Term!

No matter how much experience you have, have no one likes to see their investment account down 30%, 40% or 50%.  However, that’s precisely what has happened to many of us over the past two months.

No two ways about it: The stock market has been absolutely abysmal.

If you’re like me…and own a lot of technology companies…then it has been even worse.

It’s very important, during times like these, to remember why you own the companies that you do.

Eventually, even a great company can have a bad quarter or two. It’s bound to happen.

However, it’s important to focus on the fundamentals of the company, and if nothing has changed, just hang in there.

We don’t invest in hindsight.  We own stocks in real time.  And history, although not guaranteed is definitely on our side.

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