Get Rich Slowly!

As a football fan, yesterday was a tremendous day!  We had two conference championships go into overtime for the first time in history.

During the post-game coverage on ESPN, they talked about the New England Patriots’ ability to find the opponent’s weakness and exploit it.  In the case of the Kansas City Chiefs, who are weak against the run, New England gave them a heavy dose of running.

When ESPN analyst Ryan Clarke was asked why other teams don’t do what New England does, his response was that “they don’t have the patience.”

That reminded me of an interview with Jeff Bezos and Warren Buffett…

During this interview, Buffett explained to Bezos that if people invest in a low-cost index fund, they would become wealthy over time.  When asked why most people don’t do that, Buffett’s response was that “no one wants to get rich slowly!”

Folks, I’ve said it here before…I said it in my book…I’m saying it here again today…and I will continue to keep saying it over and over.  Patience pays!

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