My IPO Watch List!

Last year was a very good year for initial public offerings (IPOs.)

If you can identify an IPO with growth potential and hold it for years, you can see incredible results.

Here are six IPOs from 2018 you may want to watch:

bloom energy

1. Bloom Energy (NYSE: BE): Alternative energy company using its proprietary fuel cell technology to produce electricity.





2. Eventbrite (NYSE: EB): A platform that allows its users to plan and schedule small events like birthday parties and other gatherings.





3. Docusign (NASDAQ: DOCU): Docusign offers an e-signature and other cloud-based translation products to small and midsized companies.






4. Zuora (NYSE: ZOU): Sells software that allows any company to become a subscription-based company.



5. SurveyMonkey (NASDAQ: SVMK): Allows companies to conduct electronic surveys.







6. Elastic (NYSE: ESTC): Provides search and data software to companies.



These IPOs from 2018 are six you should watch to see how the companies perform and how they develop their business.

Getting shares in the right company soon after they go public can be tremendous over time!

Disclaimer/Disclosure Statement: Information in this article is not intended to be a recommendation to invest in any stock.  Rather, it is presented for readers’ education and consideration when making their own investment decisions.  The author has no position in any of the stocks mentioned.

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