Ask Wealthy Joe: I Can’t Afford To Invest! Seriously, I Can’t!!!

can't afford to invest

A: Fact: 20% of your income determines 100% of your wealth.

Whether you make $45,000 or $1,000,000, what you do with your income, as well as debt, are the two biggest factors.  I have written a number of posts on this topic.

It’s a reality, though, that some people are unable to save any money throughout the year, despite managing their income responsibly.

My advice to people in your situation is to take 20% of your income tax refund and invest it.

Just 20%.

Start an emergency fund with the rest, if you don’t have one.  Pay down debt.  Use some of your refund for a vacation.  But invest 20%.

See, compound interest is an extraordinary thing.  It can turn $100 into $7000 over time.

That may not be life changing.

But if that’s all you can do for now, it’s better than doing nothing.

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