My Christmas Gift!

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Good morning!

I realized I still needed to share about the gift I received from my daughter this past Christmas.

If you follow my blog, you know that I am adamant about introducing your children to investing.  A few years ago, when my daughter was 16, I purchased shares of Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) for her.  I told her to download the TD Ameritrade app so she could check the price any time she wanted.

Once in a blue moon, she would ask me how the stock was doing.  But for the most part, she didn’t bring it up.

For Christmas, she surprised me with $50 to buy shares in home security company ADT (NYSE: ADT).

The reason she chose ADT was that she figured everyone would always want and need to feel secure, so it would be a good investment.

I was very, very happy to know that all of my teaching was sinking in!  I want investing to become a permanent part of her consciousness.  I hope this is a sign that it will.

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