One Stock I Continue To Love!

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In 2016, (NASDAQ: MTCH) was spun off by IAC Interactive Corp. at a price of $15 a share.

You may not realize this, but Match is the owner of over 40 dating apps and services, including Tinder,, and OKCupid.

If you had the good sense to purchase shares of Match at the time of its IPO (initial public offering), you would be up a whopping 373%, or almost 4 times your money.  Those returns are phenomenal by any measure.

However…that’s the past.  Investing is about the future.

Match reported earnings on February 6th, and their revenues and operating income were both up – 21% and 18% respectively – year over year.

The main growth driver for Match is the Tinder app.  The number of average subscribers increased by 40% year over year to 4.3 million.  That is tremendous growth, but 4.3 million subscribers seems like a fraction of the number of subscribers they could have in five to ten years!

As long as people continue to look for love and companionship the potential for Match is huge!

What about competition?  Well, there were some rumblings last year about Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) getting into the online dating game.  Initially the stock price of Match dropped 20% on the news.  It dropped another 20% over the next two months, when the market sold off.

As of this writing, though, the stock has recovered almost all of its loss, and is currently around $56 a share.

Match is the dominant player in online dating, and I believe they will continue to grow and increase their lead for as long as humans need love.  If you’re looking for a stock to start investing in, Match is a very strong candidate.

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