61 and Having No Fun

Hi, all.

I’ve mentioned here before that I currently hold a full-time job in workforce development. The company I work for bids for government contracts. I work for a contract called Workforce1, which offers free job placement services to employers and jobseekers.

My current job, in fact, was a major inspiration for me to write the investment guide The Stock Market Is For Everyone and to start this blog…

Here’s why. I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count the number of people I see over the age of 60 daily. These are people who are looking for work, often any job they can find. The majority of the job orders we fill are low-wage retail, allied health and security positions. The demographics of the people I meet with are almost without exception black and Latino.

Many people that I’ve met have worked for 20, 30 and 40 years. They have been dependable, high-performing employees. They are still looking for work at this age because despite their unblemished employment histories, they do not have the money to simply stop working and “retire” as our grandparents and some of our parents may have.

Like me, most if not all of them had little to no exposure to the market.

I know it’s impossible to know if being introduced to the market when you were 20 would have made a difference. However…I can’t help but wonder.

To my Wealthy Janes and Joes: Listen. 

I know that life can be hard, and making room for investing can seem impossible. 

But listen well: Can you imagine applying for a minimum wage job at 61? 

If you’re 40 or 50, have nothing saved for retirement, and have no significant inheritance coming your way, THIS IS EXACTLY WHERE YOU COULD BE.  

If you’re making $70k or $80k now, at 50, living paycheck to paycheck, carrying debt and have no retirement savings, you are going to have to keep working into your old age if you don’t start saving and investing now!  

Please take heed and get started today!

If you’re already there, I applaud you…and wish you the best!


My book, The Stock Market is For Everyone, is a short guide for the beginning, inexperienced investor that is easy to understand and can be put into action immediately.

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