How I Made Over 300% – And How You Can, Too!

Over the next 10 years and beyond, the most profitable investment opportunities will be in disruptive innovation.

What is disruptive innovation?

Disruptive innovation describes companies that create a product or service that significantly changes or replaces the way business is currently being done.

Here are a dozen examples of industries that have been disrupted:

1. Amazon disrupted retail and pioneered e-commerce.

2. Netflix disrupted television and movies.

3. Priceline disrupted travel.

4. Tesla disrupted the automobile industry, and is leading the charge toward electric cars.

5. Purple is disrupting the mattress industry with a high-tech brand that  is designed to offer best-in-class support at a price everyone can afford.

6. Airbnb has not only completely disrupted the hotel industry – it has a greater market cap than the largest hotel brand in the world!

7. Uber is disrupting taxis.

8. Apple’s iPod, which was introduced in 2001, changed the music industry forever. The success of the iPod led to the iPhone – and we all know how disruptive the iPhone has been!

9. Facebook has disrupted the way that we communicate with people around the world.

10. Google has disrupted the way we search for information, as well as the way we view content.

11. Invitae is disrupting clinical genetic testing.

12. Stratasys is disrupting manufacturing as we know it with the implementation of 3D printing.

Last year, I made an investment in a company that was disrupting the advertising industry. My total return was 321% in less than a year!

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