Are You A Financial Rock Star?

A financial rock star is not who you think it is.

It’s not a hedge fund manager, venture capital specialist, or financial advisor.

A financial rock star’s prowess cannot just be measured in income. It’s measured by her, his or their ability to make smart money moves that create wealth and financial freedom for themselves.

A financial rock star will usually look before he leaps, economically speaking. She performs due diligence before making major purchasing decisions. They examine the pros and cons of their choices.

They live below their means and keep debt at zero, or close to it. They understand that debt is the enemy of wealth creation.

Financial rock stars are frugal with their hard-earned money – almost to a fault, in some cases.

They are willing to sacrifice in order to get ahead financially. They have the discipline to forgo immediate gratification for future benefits far greater.

They could care less what you think about them or the car they drive.

Financial rock stars are focused on one thing, and one thing only: building wealth.

Does this sounds like you? Then you are a financial rock star.

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