Birthday Bonanza, Part 7 of 8

Good morning, all!  This is the seventh installment in my series about how to set your child up for wealth by investing $1000 at the time s/he is born.

When it comes to investing, the focus is always on the future.  

Sure, there are companies that have been great investments over the past 20 years, but we are only interested in the future.

So look for companies that are poised to do well over the next 20 years of your child’s life.

I would probably avoid companies that have been around since the Industrial Revolution.  These companies may do well, but it is unlikely that they will be the leaders going forward.

Here are some industries and investment themes you may want to consider.

1) Artificial Intelligence (Deep Learning)

2) Robotics and Automation

3) Genomics

4) Mobile Payments

5) Blockchain Technology

6) Energy Storage

7) Gaming

8) Cloud Computing

9) E-Commerce

The guiding principle here: Invest in the future – for your child’s future!

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The $500 Fortune, Part 2

Yesterday, I listed some stocks that, had you invested $500 in them years back and held, would have increased your wealth exponentially.  Of course, I was then asked, “What stocks can I do that with today?”  Here is a list of five that I like:

  1. Tencent: In case you didn’t know this, China is the most populous country in the world.  They will soon have a middle class that consists of 500 million people.  It makes a great deal of sense to have some exposure to China in your investment portfolio, and one of the best ways – if not THE best way – is thru owning shares of the largest video gaming company in the world!  Tencent is already a big company, worth half a trillion dollars.  I think that it has the possibility to one day be worth multiple trillions of dollars.  I firmly believe that this company can make you rich!
  2. The Trade Desk is a small digital advertising company with a market value of $1.4 billion.  Trade Desk uses artificial intelligence (AI) to aggregate and analyze data from different websites in order to help companies improve their marketing.
  3. Match: My selection of may surprise some people…however, did you know that Match owns Tinder, OKCupid, and Plentyoffish?  Tinder is the third highest grossing app in Apple’s App Store, behind Pandora and Netflix.  The truth of the matter is online dating has been a huge trend and will continue in the future.
  4. Activision Blizzard: It may be hard for non-gamers to believe this, but the gaming industry is HUMONGOUS.  One of the major players is Activision Blizzard.  Although the company has been one of the best investments over the last 20 years, the next 20 years look absolutely just as bright!  Esports, which are organized video game tournaments, are on track to be an absolutely colossal moneymaker for Activision Blizzard.
  5. Roku is a small company with a market value of under a billion dollars.  Roku is the fastest growing streaming platform in the United States.  Streaming video on demand is obviously the direction the world is moving toward, as evidenced by the phenomenal success of Netflix.  Roku has the platform that could eventually make it the dominant streaming video company.

If you’re just getting started or you’re looking to add to your portfolio, these five companies are ones you may want to watch!

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