My Christmas Gift!

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Good morning!

I realized I still needed to share about the gift I received from my daughter this past Christmas.

If you follow my blog, you know that I am adamant about introducing your children to investing.  A few years ago, when my daughter was 16, I purchased shares of Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) for her.  I told her to download the TD Ameritrade app so she could check the price any time she wanted.

Once in a blue moon, she would ask me how the stock was doing.  But for the most part, she didn’t bring it up.

For Christmas, she surprised me with $50 to buy shares in home security company ADT (NYSE: ADT).

The reason she chose ADT was that she figured everyone would always want and need to feel secure, so it would be a good investment.

I was very, very happy to know that all of my teaching was sinking in!  I want investing to become a permanent part of her consciousness.  I hope this is a sign that it will.


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Buy One Share For Christmas!

I spend a good deal of my time around people that have children that are under the age of five.  The other day, I overheard a coworker talking to another coworker about a gift a family member wanted to buy.  It was a toy Ferrari car.

As I parent, I understand the feeling we have when we buy our child a gift that makes them happy!  Believe me, I get it.

But if a family member or friend asks, “What should I buy your child for Christmas?”  Ask for cash to invest in stocks.  I beg you.

The toys we buy our children bring short-term happiness.  When we are 20 or 30 years old, the gift that we had to have as a youngster will be less than insignificant.  However, a $100 investment made when the child is a year old could be worth tens of thousands – even six figures! – when the kid is 20.

Trust me the potential of having $100,000 at 20 will trump any gift you received the last 20 years!

No idea where to start?  My short guide, The Stock Market is For Everyone, will get you started with everything you need to know.

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