AI Will Be The Next Monster Trend!

When I first started working at Spear, Leeds & Kellogg in 1995, we were in the middle of the PC Boom.  Companies like Microsoft, Intel and Dell Computer were on fire.

I worked for a great man named Jimmy Morris, and he traded Dell Computer.  As the new trading assistant, I watched Dell go up 5-10% daily.  Dell was a phenomenal investment: over a 10-year period, from 1990 to 2000, it turned $5000 into almost $5 million.

The next big trend would be the Internet.  Once again, I was in a great position, as Jimmy was chosen to trade Amazon.

It was hard to visualize back then what the Internet, and Amazon, would become, but I had a chance.  I had a chance, in fact, to wager a tidy sum that would have turned into a king’s ransom.  But I missed it.

The next big trend was mobile.  Once again, opportunity was staring me in the face, in the form of Apple.

Once again I missed it.

Here we are in 2019, and the question is: what is the next big trend?

The evidence is pointing to artificial intelligence (AI).

AI is already used in so many ways by so many companies.  Netflix, Amazon, Tesla, Google,, and IBM all use artificial intelligence.  Anything we do online in this day and age uses artificial intelligence; it is prevalent in our lives today on a large scale.

During the latest conference call of almost every business, the phrase “artificial intelligence” was used more than during any other quarter.  Every company in every industry will have to incorporate AI in their business if they want to stay competitive.

Ark Invest manages a group of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) focused on disruptive innovation.  They estimate that AI will create $30 trillion in market value by 2038.

I wrote about artificial intelligence a year ago, and what I wrote still applies today.  Check out this post as well as this one to learn more about AI and how you might invest in this trend!

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Millionaire Making Trends

I am without a doubt an investment information geek. I can’t get enough of great information that exposes me to future trends that can create tremendous wealth.

I wish to God I had this information 20 years ago, but I didn’t, so…woulda, coulda, shoulda.

Today I caught the last 7 minutes of the San Antonio/Golden State game, which is the only 7 minutes I’ve seen since the NBA playoffs have begun.  Let me make one thing clear: I love the NBA playoffs! This is how obsessed I get with reading articles, watching videos, and listening to podcasts about investment.

When you read as much investment related material as I do, you come across a lot of bad and some good.

Occasionally, you come across information that’s exceptional.  Tonight, I want to share a video I came across recently that falls into that category to me.

The name of the company is ARK Investment Management.  ARK was founded by a woman named Cathrine Wood.

The work done by Ms. Wood and her analyst is exceptional.

She is so ahead of the curve that a few years ago, when Amazon was valued at $240 billion, she declared in an interview with Steve Forbes that Amazon’s opportunity was not factored into its stock price, and that it would ultimately be a trillion dollar company.

Today, Amazon is valued at over $700 billion.

ARK’s prediction was not a lucky guess – it was a combination of great research and the ability to see what others don’t see.

In the below video, Ms. Wood discusses big ideas that she predicts will result in growth.  Now, most of you may find it boring, and that’s OK. I feel it’s my duty, though, to share this information with you.  You do with it what you choose.  Until next time, Joes!


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